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  • Myla

    Celebrating a decade as one of the leading luxury lingerie brands, Myla’s inspirational designs, perfect fit and impeccable quality have captured a unique place in the minds of the chic, discerning customer. Founded as a lifestyle brand, Myla set out to redefine the concept of luxury lingerie for the modern... Read more [...]
  • Pistol Panties

    Deborah Fleming, the British/Colombian designer behind Pistol Panties, founded the brand with the concept of creating uniquely designed, uniquely well-cut and uniquely glamorous swimwear. Pistol Panties succeeds in being just that – swimwear that unites quirky style and feminine glamour with the perfect, flattering cut.The story of Pistol Panties began... Read more [...]
  • Playful Promises

    Playful Promises is a London designed lingerie brand, which mixes quirky, directional design with all things playful, flirty and even a little bit dirty. We are here for sassy, stylish ladies, who love to shout ‘I did it my way’ along to Sinatra, followed by the Sex Pistols. The Playful... Read more [...]
  • Alexander Kim

    At Alexander Kim, our expert fitters know the importance of a well-fitting bra. After all, the bra you wear will affect your appearance, your confidence and your comfort. On your wedding day especially, you want your bridal lingerie to be perfect. Here at Alexander Kim we strive to reach that perfection for you. We... Read more [...]